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Chala Sports & Family Chiropractic of Lufkin, TX offers unparalleled alternative treatments for chronic and acute ailments. Every chiropractor on our team has an exceptional track record of getting positive results for our patients. While conventional medicine is useful and effective, it may not hold all the answers for some individuals. Chiropractic care gives people a chance to explore holistic healing methods and find relief where other treatments have failed.

A visit to the chiropractor may include:

● Overall Wellness Exam—A chiropractor does much more than fix your bad back. With alternative medicine, our practice enables you to lead a much healthier life. Your initial consultation will give us insight into your choices, habits, and the possible causes of pain and stress. While our treatments provide excellent pain relief, our goal is to help you discover a path towards healthy living and rid yourself of chronic pain for good!

● Manipulation—The core of chiropractic medicine is the science of manipulation. Manipulation is a technique whereby a doctor will extend a patient’s joints past their normal range of motion in order to provide relief to the area. The stressors of daily life can build up considerable tension in the joints and muscles. Without a means of release, these areas will eventually exhibit serious chronic pain that can diminish your quality of life.

● Injury and Pain Relief—Chiropractic care is great for both injuries and chronic pain relief. It has been shown to stimulate the healing process in a safe and natural way. You no longer have to rely on painkillers or invasive surgery to get results. We encourage people to explore the cost effective options chiropractic gives them before introducing foreign substances into their bodies. The results are amazing and allow for healthier living!

We are confident that your chiropractor will provide the care you are looking for.

Ask our friendly staff to learn more about chiropractic techniques to find out if they are right for your situation.

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